20 Years of Analyst Relations Experience

I've worked with start up and enterprise organizations, and I've helped transform start ups into enterprise companies. Every Analyst Relations program is different; each has a different set of internal expectations, marketing and sales goals, product advisory advice and more. 

I've worked on programs in the USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Japan and the UK and I understand, respect and respond to the cultural intricacies of each region.

I have started this company to help organizations incrementally improve each interaction and meet or exceed their overall goals with industry analysts.

I currently live in Chapel Hill, NC with my husband and two daughters. I received my BS from Boston University's College of Communication and I have taken master's classes at Harvard and Babson.


So what's the story with the musical references all over the site?

I love music. Music is a universal language and metaphor and I wanted to try to connect with you with more than just industry jargon. I played flute, trumpet, french horn and piano, but never very well. I continue to practice piano.

I am also inspired by George Colony, the CEO of Forrester Reseach. George is also a huge music fan, and when he redesigned his HQ in Cambridge - he used musical language and photographs everywhere. This was a bold move for technology industry at the time, yet I believe this positively changes the tone of the space.

I also believe that while we have many differences of opinions that actually propel our industry, music can help to unify us.